Ditto galleries

      I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of Ditto Galleries.  My philosophical Mission Statement for Ditto Galleries is "To focus on the beauty and artistic brilliance of Nature and the world around us, celebrating the creative genius of the Creator God, the Ultimate Artist."

     Displaying quality original art depicting Nature with all it's glory and beauty, I want to encourage and inspire all who seek encouragement and inspiration.  This world has too much negativity, stress, pain, and ugliness.  But if we just open our eyes to the beauty and awesomeness of things around us, we can have hope that there is a great overall plan that has been created by an almighty God.

     I had the priviledge of learning about art and craftsmanship at the hand of my father. Growing up as a boy, I watched him for hours in his art studio (our garage), creating fantastic metal wall sculptures.  He taught me about the tools, materials, and how to create something out of an idea.  As I assisted him (he did not really need my help), I learned about creativity, quality workmanship, and the humility of trying to re-create just a hint of the Creator's original.

     We worked together, in the same workshops and offices for over 40 years, creating, crafting, designing, and producing a lot of wonderful artworks.  We built up several companies, and had our share of success.  Dad, is gone now, but his legacy lives on in me, and I want to pass on his love and appreciation for Art and all that it represents.

     Art is an amazing gift to mankind.  It inspires, encourages, humbles,

teaches, enriches, entertains, challenges, and intrigues us.  But, it also creates in us a sense of thankfulness, a thankfulness to a God who is so much bigger than us, and loves us enough to create a world with so much beauty that we can't help but praise Him.